Titan & EVA Posters are Back in Stock!

Titan & EVA Posters are Back in Stock!

Restocked & Loaded 

The Colossal Titan Poster is finally back in stock along with the EVA series! Thank you all who waited patiently and a special thank you to all the ones who waited impatiently. Your enthusiasm means a lot - and as a token of my appreciation, your entire order is 20% off this week. Use discount code: 8PM20

Las Vegas Comic Con

I am headed to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this week, so if you are in the area, stop by Table A58 and say hi. Since I will be away, I wont be streaming this week and speaking of....


My next stop after Vegas will be San Diego for some good ol' Twitch debauchery. I am streaming 3 days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) up until the Con, so jump into the stream, hang out in the chat and Ascend with us. twitch.tv/8_pm

Below The Salt

Some of you know I have been working hard behind the scenes to launch an apparel line along with some amazing artists. Keep a lookout for our debut "Artist Proofs" line coming soon. Super limited edition. very rare. Follow us at instagram.com/belowthesaltapparel. You'll hear me talk about this project a lot in the coming months!


Have you read this far looking for Jimmy news? I am keeping this big news close to the chest. Its so close I can taste it.....Stay tuned.
I got a few enamel pins on the way too ;)


Until next time,

- 8

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