Chainsaw Man Poster is now available!

Chainsaw Man Poster is now available!

Chainsaw Man

The next poster of Series 02 is here: The Chainsaw! For the first time ever, I'm offering the Limited Edition (100) Glow in the Dark along with the Open Edition non-glow poster. This is for customers that want to add to their non-glow collection don't have to wait :)  Previously the non-glow would only release after the glow version sold out

First Show of 2023: Monsterpalooza

The first show is on the calendar and this is one I am very excited about. Monsterpalooza has been a bucket list event for me, and the pandemic delayed my attendance for a few years. But I will finally be there June 2-4. Find me at Table 176 with some special exclusives!


We are getting so close... The 8inch Jimmy vinyl is debuting this spring / summer and I am getting very excited. The factory has all the final paint specs and is hard at work creating the prototypes for approval. Once those are all good to go, we will finalize the box art and start the final phase! Stay tuned for the vinyl figure & resin skulls in Q1/Q2 2023!

What else is in store for 2023?

 We got the apparel line coming in Q2/Q3, which is super super exciting. We are starting a Podcast which is going to be really fun. I'm starting the final Series 02 poster which is going to be dope, then right on to Series 03! And when Jimmy finally shows up on shore, expect things around here to start coming alive in many more ways than one. Its gonna be bonkers. 

This is a big year during the most uncertain times, but I cant stop now. I hope you come along for the ride.

Until next time,

- 8

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